The 7 Deadly Sins of Prospecting
...and how to avoid them
What you need to take control of your business and make it grow starting today!
Masterclass Starts In...

Friday, February 23rd

What You're Going To Learn
  • Understand the 7 deadly sins that are crippling your prospecting
  • Discover the components of a proven prospecting system
  • Learn how to find and win the business you want
The single most important factor to a long and successful career in Commercial Real Estate is consistent and growing deal flow: bigger opportunities with higher quality prospects. The only way to control that growth is with a proven prospecting system.
The single biggest hurdle is figuring out how to actually do it. This masterclass will help you get off the bench and start achieving your potential.
What you will learn during this free masterclass:
  •  How to differentiate yourself with a value proposition dialed in to exactly what your ideal prospects are facing  
  •  How to systematically set up your prospecting calls so your prospects actually want to speak with you
  •  The single best question to ask a prospect so they will open up to you
  •  And the next steps you need to take to make it happen
Take an in-depth look at what makes a prospecting system effective, efficient, repeatable, and even fun. And discover how to avoid the 7 deadly sins that will make it ineffective and frustrating. Join us!
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